måndag 22 oktober 2007

nocturnal hell

lights out
in the distance an
other small white
mouse steps lightly on
your ear whispering
let me (re)clount the

by fire or water. by
hanging or axe. by
knife or lead in the
shape of a bullet or
in your plumbing. by
strangulation or
fear. by freezing or
boiling your guts or
rotting your plot. by
hunger or plague or
stealing your reasons
to breathe

the little white
mouse then treads
gently across your
face unto your other
ear & whispers let
me tell you when

3 kommentarer:

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Jenny sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Jenny sa...

Hi Lars,

Just found your blog via otoliths. I like your poetry a lot! Piercing and concise.

I have started a blog for unconventional offbeat poetry. So far we are 18 poets. You can check us out here:

If you would like to join us, please, send your email to jenny dot cinnamon at gmail dot com, so that I can forward an invitation. Your contribution would be very welcome!

Some Blogger features are in Swedish here. So are maybe Swedish too.