måndag 22 oktober 2007

nocturnal hell

lights out
in the distance an
other small white
mouse steps lightly on
your ear whispering
let me (re)clount the

by fire or water. by
hanging or axe. by
knife or lead in the
shape of a bullet or
in your plumbing. by
strangulation or
fear. by freezing or
boiling your guts or
rotting your plot. by
hunger or plague or
stealing your reasons
to breathe

the little white
mouse then treads
gently across your
face unto your other
ear & whispers let
me tell you when

torsdag 11 oktober 2007

f.o.d (fuck of death)

was i to
write this
poem it would
probably be too
much death
metal for any
one not to
growl it

tortured souls

a giant poodle

måndag 8 oktober 2007


what if she
told you they

come in colours
& many different

shapes? a city
gone to ground or

settling in beneath
the waves. biting

both birch & dust. the
proverbial one no

less. & nessie re
mains where

ever she was a
few minutes a


the curse

was inflicted on
her purse. & to
make things
worse it started
rhyming. no

more. or to even the
score. the oar soared
off from the open
sores opened out
between the
ores. that wild

boar whispering bore
me bend me drug
me rape me. be
fore the war. & after
the fire ceased. julius

stood swiftly up

söndag 26 augusti 2007


much ado about
a strapped up young
lad. just cut him
down & make a
run for it. leave
the uniforms to
work out the de
tails. de
railing their train
of thought. at an
excessive pace. lazily
flipping through the
channels. a canal
dug through your
kitchen. going

måndag 20 augusti 2007

maim to please

who? you? i
dearly hope
not. un
less you maim
me to please

who? do you
know such
people? do
you want
to know such

people? &
do i want
to know you
know such