måndag 30 juli 2007

tyrant of hell

or of earth. or of
some piece of land or
other. leave us in
peace. to our own
devices. to our own
mornings. with
coffee probably too
strong for our own
good. & bizarre local
radio stations. waiting

death dealer

one for you & one
for you & one for
the lady in the
back & just may
be a little one for
you in the shark
skin suit

now if you want any
more just come
back to me

fredag 27 juli 2007

tales of the macabre

love (between
two people) border
controls borders
loneliness (not
chosen) makers of
norms the wrong

want more?

where is hamidur

the what & how

in 1987 slaughter, a wild canadian trio, released their only album titled strappado. as far as i know they then split up. the album has stayed with me these 20 years & now it's time to openly build a small series of poems based upon the titles of the twelve songs